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Creation (Soundtrack) by Christopher Young - Review

Creation (Soundtrack) by Christopher Young - Review

Tiny Variations
Review by Christopher Coleman

The Nineteenth Century scientist, Charles Darwin, is, to this day, a hero to many and villain to others. His famous book, "The Origin of the Species" and the theory it contains remains as hotly debated in the 21st century as in Dr. Darwin's day of the 19th century. The film's screenplay was written by John Collee and is based on "Annie's Box," a biography penned by Charles Darwin's great grandson, Randal Keynes; itself written from Darwin's own diaries and family letters. Director John Amiel takes Collee's script and with strong performances from Paul Bettany (Charles Darwin), real-life wife, Jennifer Connelly (Emma Darwin), and newcomer Martha West (Annie Darwin), crafts a film that shows a much different picture of Darwin than what might comprise the popular perception of the man. Instead of the diabolical, scientist out to destroy God, Darwin is portrayed here as a brilliant man tormented by physical ailments, deep emotional wounds, and suffers the ongoing casualties of sitting at the crux of the great idealogical battle of our time: science and religion.

Veteran composer CHRISTOPHER YOUNG filled his 2009 with projects such as THE INFORMERS, THE UNINVITED, and one of his best horror scores in years, DRAG ME TO HELL, yet he transitions from 2009 to 2010 with one of his most beautiful works to date - CREATION. Often, when the name of "Christopher Young" comes up, his work in the horror genre quickly comes to mind and with good reason. With seminal efforts for noteworthy horror films such as: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2, THE GRUDGE, the HELLRAISER franchise, it would be easy to corner Young in this genre. Over the years; however, his, often-time, smaller or more character driven films have made their way into my list of Christopher-Young-favorites. THE SHIPPING NEWS, THE GIFT, THE HURRICANE and UNFINISHED LIFE all demonstrate the considerable talents and range of the composer, but in more subtle ways. I'm quite happy to say that CHRISTOPHER YOUNG's work for CREATION now falls into this category.

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