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L'Arnacoeur (Soundtrack) by Klaus Badelt - Review


Heart Funk
Review by Helen San

L’ARNACOEUR (English title: “Heartbreaker”) is a French romantic comedy (released in France on March 17, 2010) about a team of 3 con artists who specialize in breaking up couples. Their multilingual chameleon grifter, Alex (think super spy meets Don Juan), seduces women to help them see how unhappy they are in their relationships with philanderers and brutes. His sister, Melanie, serves as the team’s manager and her husband of 15 years, Marc, as the high-tech support. While their reputation as the best in the break-up business precedes them, things start to go wrong when Alex takes a job against his ethics: break up a couple that is truly happy. Overwhelmed by debt, he consents to be hired by a rich father to break up his daughter Juliette’s engagement to “Mr. Perfect,” a wealthy, handsome, generous, and completely smitten Englishman (Andrew Lincoln, who played Mark in LOVE, ACTUALLY). Stumped, Alex can find no fault with Juliette’s fiancé. Juliette is not falling for his usual tricks, and he unexpectedly falls for her.

Very well received by audiences and critics alike, the film is said to be witty and hilarious, hailed already as the romantic comedy of the year—at least by the French. The comedy is spiced up by Juliette’s penchant for George Michael songs and Dirty Dancing choreography. Of course, on the romantic count, being filmed on location in gorgeous Monte Carlo doesn’t hurt. Not one bit.

KLAUS BADELT’S score is, predictably, a mixture of romance and comedy, but not at the same time. BADELT takes his romance seriously, with heartfelt poetry and yearning. The love theme is a delicate and vulnerable piano motif that perfectly represents wondrous admiration and quiet lovesickness...

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