Friday, July 16, 2010

Music of the Old Republic! Star Wars: The Old Republic Web Doc

Finally!  A big look into the music for the upcoming LucasArts title, STAR WARS:  THE OLD REPUBLIC. The hotly anticipated MMORPG, being developed by Bioware, is due sometime in 2011.

The music has been composed by MARK GRISKEY, JESSE HARLIN, WILBERT ROGET II, GORDY HAAB, and LENNIE MOORE.  The music represented in this doc is fantastic, true to the ORIGINAL  Star Wars spirit!  If you weren't excited for this game and it's music yet...this doc ought to do it.

Now, Lucasarts, "You will release the original score."  (waves hand) "....oh and The Force Unleashed II, too." (quickly waves hand again.)

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