Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soundcast Episode 16 - The Last Inception

Episode 16: The Last Inception
Recorded July 26, 2010
Published July 28, 2010

The SoundCast crew talks a little The Last Airbender, Inception, and about the love/hate relationship with Film music compilations.

Episode Highlights

00:30 - Intro and Google Voice invasion
06:28 - The Last Airbender discussion
21:35 - Inception discussion
38:26 - Film music compilations

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

05:48 - "The Avatar Has Returned" (The Last Airbender) by James Newton Howard
21:10 - "Dream within a Dream" (Inception) by Hans Zimmer
33:06 - "I Never Woke Up in Hand Cuffs Before" (Sherlock Holmes) by Hans Zimmer
37:55 - "Pearl & Dean Theme" (Asteroid) by Pete Moore
59:52 - "Cat Burglers" (Dinner for Schmucks) by Theodore Shapiro


  1. Hey I love your podcast! Why haven't you guys talked about Toy Story 3 yet? I thought the score was great.

  2. Hi Derrick -

    Thanks for checking out the SoundCast! We only had so much time, so we hit probably the two of the most talked about scores of the Summer for the last episode. Of course, we may do an episode that focuses animated movie scores and I'm sure TS3 would come up in such a discussion.

    Thanks again for listening and giving us your feedback.



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