Wednesday, July 07, 2010

SoundCast Interview: Kevin Riepl (Crackdown 2)

SoundCast Interview: Kevin Riepl (Crackdown 2

Composer KEVIN RIEPL shares about his latest project, CRACKDOWN 2, which is the highly anticipated sequel to the surprise 2007 hit, CRACKDOWN. He also shares about this year's E3, the status of DAMAGE VAULT, and other upcoming projects: HUNTED: THE DEMON FORGE and ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES!

Interview: Kevin Riepl
Recorded June 26, 2010
Published July 6, 2010

Episode Highlights

00:24 - Welcome and intro
02:50 - Thoughts on this years E3
09:50 - Expectations for Hunted:  The Demon's Forge
13:58 - Working on Crackdown 2
20:53 - Licensed music in Crackdown 2
28:20 - Dude, Aliens: Colonial Marines?
32:30 - What's up with Damage Vault

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 - "Fly Through" (Crackdown 2) by Kevin Riepl
13:30 - "Boss Beacon" (Crackdown 2) by Kevin Riepl
20:30 - "Dawn Stinger" (Crackdown 2) by Kevin Riepl
32:24 - "Hollows" by Damage Vault
38:55 - "Freak Lair"  (Crackdown 2) by Kevin Riepl

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