Monday, August 09, 2010

Alan Wake (Game Soundtrack) by Petri Alanko - Review

Alan Wake (Game Soundtrack) by Petri Alanko - Review

"A Dreamy Summer"
Review by Marius Masalar

While film buffs enjoyed INCEPTION as a late-summer exploration of dreams, gamers have already had some time to delve into ALAN WAKE, a remarkably story-driven affair developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Games on the Xbox 360. In a nutshell, Alan Wake is a thriller that follows an author struggling with writer’s block as he copes with the disappearance of his wife and other bizarre happenings while on vacation in the small, isolated town of Bright Falls. The setting is extremely reminiscent of Silent Hill, and the story’s episodic narrative is just as deeply involved with psychological twists and turns. It is a distinctive game, full of cinematic and complex situations, and its musical score follows suit. PETRI ALANKO, the little-known Finnish composer for the title, describes this first foray into game scoring as “the easiest tough job ever.”

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