Saturday, October 23, 2010

Piranha 3D (Soundtrack) by Michael Wandmacher - Review

Piranha 3D (Soundtrack) by Michael Wandmacher - Review

No Safe Shores
Review by Marius Masalar

Pulp horror fans have been delivered a treasure trove of B-movie goodness in the form of PIRANHA 3D. It’s the perfect recipe for the genre: gratuitous violence and gore dressed up in gimmicky 3D. Oh, and it’s a remake. However, considering that’s precisely what director Alexandre Aja promised to deliver, the film is a resounding success. But beyond the blood and boobs (plenty of both), there lies another element that deserves mention and, yes, even praise: MICHAEL WANDMACHER’s musical score. The score is just as gratuitous, loud, and angry as the rest of the film, so you’re in for a treat (if that kind of thing floats your boat, so to speak).

“Whirlpool” (1) starts us off with a bang: screaming orchestra swirls over a bed of deep bass beats and large percussive hits before dissolving into a flurry of buzzing strings. “Pirahna” (2) introduces the deliciously old-fashioned X-Files-like main theme on a creepy piano, hovering over some seriously distorted string elements, before things calm down briefly for the ambient “Empty Boat” (3). “Cold Feet” (4) is an unassuming solo guitar line that broods and hints at peace while maintaining a sense of uneasiness, one which “The Cave” (5) expands upon — there are no safe shores in these waters.

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