Monday, November 08, 2010

Behind the Score: The Force Unleashed 2

Behind the Score:  The Force Unleashed 2

Exclusive Streaming Soundtrack from The Force Unleashed 2!

It's been two years since the world was introduced to Darth Vader's young apprentice. From serving the Dark Lord of the Sith to helping to birth the Rebellion, the young apprentice, Starkiller, finds that he is unusually strong in the Force, but which side will he ultiimately choose and what is he willing to sacrifice?   In 2010, Starkiller is back (in many many ways)  and he hasn't quite finished unleashing the force on unsuspecting members of the new Empire.  Returning right alongside the identity-challlenged apprentice, General Kota, Juno Eclipse and Darth Vader, to continue musically-bridging the Prequel and Original trilogies in THE FORCE UNLEASHED 2 is composer MARK GRISKEY. 

Join with us as we go with them all BEHIND THE SCORE OF THE FORCE UNLEASHED 2. In this edition:

- 10 streaming tracks from the original score!
- SoundCast Interview with composer Mark Griskey
- Game soundtrack review by Christopher Coleman
- SoundCast Interview with author Sean Williams
- BONUS Coverage:  The Force Unleashed review, 2008 Interview with Mark Griskey

Check the full feature here

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