Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon (Soundtrack) by John Powell - Reviewed

How to Train Your Dragon (Soundtrack) by John Powell - Reviewed

Buy the Dragon -- Just Buy It.
Review by Helen San

The first time JOHN POWELL caught my ear was in 1997 with his energetic music to Antz (co-composed with HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS). Two years later his score to FORCES OF NATURE put him on the map as a composer to watch, and listen to. We caught a glimpse of the kind of uncommon brilliance that makes us fans of film music—and bemoaned the fact that this awesomeness was not available commercially. Since then POWELL has released a string of solid hits, but FORCES OF NATURE was always, for me, the one that got away, as it were.

Finally, we get another chance to own and enjoy that sheer luminosity we know POWELL is capable of. How to Train Your Dragon has every bit of the effulgence of FORCES OF NATURE, and then some. We don’t get just a glimpse this time; this is virtuosity in all its glory. Hands down, HTTAD is POWELL’s best score to date and stands as one of the best scores of 2010. For me, it was an early contender for 2010’s Oscar-worthy elite and has remained so all year.

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