Thursday, December 02, 2010

53rd Annual Grammy Nominees for Best Score

53rd Annual Grammy Nominees for Best Score

Well award season is descending upon us again and the Grammy's are first out of the gate with their list of nominees.  I first have to say that I still find their calendar for eligibility odd and perplexing.  Why mix efforts from two different calendar years?  In any event, they do just that and  that makes their grouping of nominees unique and interesting (I guess).

So without further delay, I give you last this next years...I give you the Grammy nominees for Best Original Score:

Alice In Wonderland - Danny Elfman, composer
[Walt Disney Records]

Avatar - James Horner, composer
[Fox Music/Atlantic Records]

Inception - Hans Zimmer, composer
[Reprise/WaterTower Music]

Sherlock Holmes - Hans Zimmer, composer
[WaterTower Music]

Toy Story 3 - Randy Newman, composer
[Walt Disney Records]

Interesting list. Eh?  So who do you think WILL win and who do you think SHOULD win?

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