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Doctor Who: Series 5 (Soundtrack) by Murray Gold - Review

Doctor Who: Series 5 (Soundtrack) by Murray Gold - Review

Good as Gold
Review by Richard Buxton

As the holder of the Guinness World record for the “longest running science fiction series”, Doctor Who has understandably undergone a number of changes across the board. Actors portraying the fabled Doctor have come and gone, each bringing their own unique talents and personality to the role, as have the actors playing his regular sidekicks, while numerous directors have lent their visions to the countless adventures of the Doctor. Inevitably, through such frequent change, the series has seen varying levels of quality in terms of direction, writing and acting. Just when the pinnacle of the series took place is a subjective matter, but with the appointment of MURRAY GOLD for the long-awaited return of the series in 2005, it can be argued that DOCTOR WHO has never before had a musical landscape as strong as it does today.

The strength of MURRAY’S score for the fifth season of DOCTOR WHO is abundantly clear in the opening tracks. For such an iconic theme, heard in “Doctor Who XI”, to be so easily surpassed by the tracks that it precedes exemplifies the outstanding musical quality GOLD has provided the show with. The long-enduring theme of DOCTOR WHO is universally loved among fans of the series and it may come as a surprise for it to be completely overshadowed by the various other pieces heard in the score. GOLD’S mastery of the orchestra is heard straight-off-the-bat in “Down To Earth” as the sheer adventure in the track captivates throughout its running time.

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