Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blue Valentine (Soundtrack) by Grizzly Bear

Blue Valentine (Soundtrack) by Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Plays the Blues
Review by Richard Buxton

In recent years a number of major releases have been scored by artists who have established their talents in drastically different musical forums to that of the motion picture, and often these experiments have resulted in successes. DAFT PUNK’S TRON LEGACY is a recent and very successful example of this. Yet despite the likes of DAFT PUNK and JONNY GREENWOOD (of THERE WILL BE BLOOD fame), the choice to employ an artist that resides in other genres of music is still one that is often frowned upon by film score enthusiasts. Perhaps it is a lack of trust in their scoring ability or a feeling that other genres of music are encroaching upon their preferred genre, or perhaps, and in the case of BLUE VALENTINE it is merely foresight.

The decision to employ the talents of the band GRIZZLY BEAR can surely be attributed to the nature of BLUE VALENTINE itself. Rather than take the traditional romantic comedy route, BLUE VALENTINE is a romantic drama that attempts to portray a more realistic vision of a real life relationship and the moments that fill its lifespan. This choice is an admirable one and would suggest a break from the clich├ęd music heard in the majority of romantic films in modern times. Unfortunately though, no matter what emotions the film may convey, the score is an altogether different and often difficult listening experience.

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