Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dead Space 2 (Game Soundtrack) by Jason Graves - Review

Dead Space 2 (Game Soundtrack) by Jason Graves - Review

The Art of Darkness
Review by Marius Masalar

Depending on your preferences for horror, EA and Visceral Games’ 2008 sci-fi title DEAD SPACE will have struck you as either ideally terrifying or blatantly gruesome. I don’t think the developers would mind either interpretation. The game’s critical acclaim was easy encouragement for a sequel, so it’s little surprise that 4 years later we’re ready to jump back into the creepy world of protagonist Isaac’s nightmarish career.

Where the first DEAD SPACE made use of its surprise factor to bludgeon its audience with frequent “boo” moments and a constant state of high tension, the sequel plucks some pages from the Amnesia and BioShock books of fear and delivers a far more sophisticated and evenly paced experience that ends up being more rewarding as a result. The music reflects this paradigm shift, and if you’re a fan of JASON GRAVES’ innovative and evil approach to scoring the first title, you’ll be in for some more surprises with his sequel score.

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