Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Eagle (Soundtrack) by Atli Övarsson - Review

The Eagle (Soundtrack) by Atli Övarsson - Review

Has The Eagle Landed?
by Richard Buxton

Even after over a decade it is impossible to judge films remotely resembling ‘Swords and Sandals’ genre without comparing it to the epic that is GLADIATOR. Credited with reviving a whole genre by itself, it is the benchmark that all others measure themselves by and provides an instant uphill struggle to achieve any recognition beyond that of a “Gladiator wannabe”.

The general consensus is that THE EAGLE fails in any attempt to live up to the memory of such a fondly remembered milestone. Yet, under continued guidance from HANS ZIMMER, Icelandic composer ATLI ÖRVARSSON surely has a chance to emulate any success ZIMMER’S Academy Award winning score? While the similarities are certainly there, THE EAGLE doesn’t quite manage to provide the same depth of quality found in ZIMMER’S score. Nonetheless, ÖRVARSSON manages to take inspiration from his mentor and admirably provides his own spin and innovation on the project.

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