Monday, February 07, 2011

No Strings Attached (Soundtrack) by John Debney - Review

No Strings Attached (Soundtrack) by John Debney - Review

No Attachment
Review by Richard Buxton

JOHN DEBNEY is certainly no stranger to the romantic comedy, having previously scored numerous examples of the genre with relative success. Such experience comes at a cost however as DEBNEY’S score for NO STRINGS ATTACHED is a pleasant but altogether predictable and formulaic offering from the composer. This, perhaps, is not the fault of DEBNEY, but is due to the romantic comedy genre itself, which rarely proves to be a musically demanding one, and subsequently rarely lets the composer explore their musical talents to the full.

The story of NO STRINGS ATTACHED is little more than what can be expected of a typical Hollywood romance, and this shows clearly through the music. The themes heard on various instruments veer through all of the expected emotions of love, sorrow, and all the others in between, with ease, but never captivate the audience in a way that might perhaps keep them entranced after they leave the theatre.

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