Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strings (Soundtrack) by Jørgen Lauritsen - Review

A Puzzle of Strings
Review by Richard Buxton

The ancient tale of vengeance is one frequently visited by films the world over, among these tales the avenging of one’s father is among the most told. Never has such a story been told quite like it is in STRINGS however, as Danish director Anders RØNNOW KLARLUND, with the help of expert puppeteer BERND OGRODNIK set out to create a rich adventure in a universe populated by actual marionettes. One’s immediate reaction is likely to swing instantly between the “love it or hate it” camp on hearing the premise, but is undeniably an original and fascinating one.

As our protagonist Hal, voiced by James McAvoy in the English dub, sets out on his quest to the death of his father, he is accompanied the lush sweeping harmonies of RØNNOW KLARLUND, a newcomer at the time of the release of STRINGS having only score one (TV) movie beforehand.

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