Sunday, March 20, 2011

Behind the Score: Killzone 3 with Joris de Man

Behind the Score:  Killzone 3 with Joris de Man

Behind the Score:  Killzone 3

Depicting the ongoing conflict between the human ISA colonists and the mutated halfbreed race known as the Helghast, the Killzone series has boasted extremely polished gameplay, mindblowing graphics quality, and fantastic music since its first title in 2004. With the recent release of Killzone 3 (actually the fourth game in the series, counting the PSP-exclusive Killzone: Liberation), we delve into the rich and sophisticated music of JORIS DE MAN, and learn how one electronic musician's brave creative vision brought the symphony orchestra to the First-Person Shooter genre in all its glory.

Join with us as we go with them all BEHIND THE SCORE OF KILLZONE 3. In this edition:

- SoundCast Interview with composer Joris de Man
- Killzone 3 Game score review
- Article:  "A Moment's Weight" by Jeremy Hardin
- BONUS Coverage:  2009 Interview with Joris de Man (Killzone 2)
- BONUS Coverage:  Killzone 2 Game score review

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