Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hawk (Soundtrack) by Stuart Hancock - Review

Hawk (Soundtrack) by Stuart Hancock - Review

A Talon Tease
Review by Richard Buxton

With the majesty of Hollywood spectaculars consistently dominating the listening habits of the average film score collector, it is easy to forget that many of the greatest composers today, and those of the future, began their journey scoring short films. As both filmmaker and film composer seek to establish themselves in the cutthroat entertainment industry, short films become one of a vital component of one’s experience. However unexpected a release of a short film’s score is, it comes as a refreshing reminder of the origins of so many successful artists. Taking a similar opportunity, STUART HANCOCK has scored MJ MCMAHON’S HAWK.

STUART HANCOCK’S fluency in the use of a choir is immediately apparent as the score opens “Flight of the Hawk” (1), a track largely consisting of underscore, punctuated by fleeting choral flourishes, the voices rising from the depths alongside sweeping string statements. Whilst not stunning to the ears, “Flight of the Hawk” promises much on behalf of the rest of the score, and it is unfortunate that this promise is ever quite fulfilled.

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