Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vendetta: Position Music's Orchestral Series Vol. 6 by Jo Blankenburg - Review

Vendetta: Position Music's Orchestral Series Vol. 6 by Jo Blankenburg - Review

Revenge of the Orchestra
Review by Richard Buxton

It has been almost a decade since CORNER STONE CUES’ “Requiem For A Tower”, a re-orchestrated version of CLINT MANSELL’s “Lux Æterna”, took on a life of its own in the LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS trailer. Since then, trailer production music has made leaps and bounds as the primary source of musical backdrops for Hollywood films. The likes of IMMEDIATE MUSIC, TWO STEPS FROM HELL and POSITION MUSIC have all been at the forefront of motion picture campaigns such as STAR TREK, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and IRON MAN. As the popularity of trailer music continues to surge, many production companies are releasing volumes of music to the public. One of the latest to come from POSITION MUSIC is VENDETTA, composed by JO BLANKENBURG.

A German pianist, BLANKENBURG’S music has previously been heard in marketing campaigns for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and THE WOLFMAN. With VENDETTA, BLANKENBURG offers listeners 37 minutes of unashamedly brash, epic music. What the music lacks in subtlety, it makes up for with relentless orchestral and choral anthems, all of which are nigh on certain to get the blood pumping.

Being a volume of trailer music rather than a film score, one must approach VENDETTA from a different perspective. Whilst the various tracks are mostly of a similar fashion in their gradual ascent towards a show-stopping climax, never do they maintain a definitive theme, something a film score is more often than not expected to. This does perhaps rob the score of an overall cohesive continuity between tracks, but it also provides fresh ideas in each new composition.


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