Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales (Game Soundtrack) by Yury Poteyenko - Review

Age of Pirates:  Caribbean Tales (Game Soundtrack) by Yury Poteyenko - Review

Fair Seas
Review by Marius Masalar

It’s probably fair to say that not many of you are familiar with too many of Akella Interactive’s games. The Russian company, while prolific, has not yet enjoyed a huge surge of attention in the west, and as a result some truly interesting titles have escaped the notice of many folks on this side of the ocean. Ironically, oceans have come closest to bridging this gap, as the titles that you probably are familiar with come from the SEA DOGS series, published by Bethesda Software, who you recall because of the ELDER SCROLLS series. Clearly appreciators of the organic touch, Akella have furnished both games in the SEA DOGS series with a fully orchestral score, and YURY POTEYENKO is responsible for both of them — for some perspective, not even MORROWIND, which was released shortly after the first SEA DOGS, was granted a live orchestra.

The latest in the series, AGE OF PIRATES: CARIBBEAN TALES, is a pleasure to listen to, though its appeal may vary depending on your tolerance for non-standard western moods. It is, you see, a very subdued score for the most part.


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