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Cars 2 Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino: Live-Tweet-First-Listen Recap

Cars 2 Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino: Live-Tweet-First-Listen Recap

For our third first-listen-live tweet, I took on Disney/Pixar's upcoming animated feature, CARS 2. Admittedly, I found CARS to be the weakest effort from Pixar and found Randy Newman's score equally "blah." So it was with restrained hope that I dove into the CARS 2 soundtrack with score provided by the ever-busy MICHAEL GIACCHINO.

So what was my first time through the soundtrack like? Read on...

(oh...I spared you the first 5 tracks which were nothing but forgettable pop-song inclusions)


Cars 2 Track 6 - Turbo Transmission - Guitar, bongos, drums, strings...feels like classic surfing fare. #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 7 - It's Finn McMissle - Two note guitar and then brass motif? 60s vibe w/ hammond b3, congas, drums, brass #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 8 - Mater the Waiter - Banjo, brass, country/bluegrass, comical only 43 seconds long #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 9 - Radiator Reunion - A bit more playful honky-tonk, mouth-harp, trans to new piano theme #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 10 - Cranking Up the Heat - Sounds like we've got r villainous element; low piano; strings jab, heroic brass #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 11 - Towkyo Takeout - Return to central 60s theme; ominous brass w/ guitar, chase/action cue #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 12 - Tarmac the Magnificent - Soft theme starts, builds to central theme again w/ bold brass, strongest piece #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 13 - Who's Engine is this? - Slow tempo central theme; strings and b3 organ; ominous low strings #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 14 - History's Biggest Loser - Pensive harp and strings; low brass; dark mysterious tone, #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 15 - Master of Disguise - Funk groove + banjo? Another short track at 48 seconds #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 16 - Porto Corsa- Big brass fanfare, an anthem by full orchestra #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 17 - The Lemon Pledge - Big dramatic opening; returns to 60s groove; drum runs, brass accents, villain theme? #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 18 - Mater's Getaway - Dramatic launch turns to new 60s rhythm w/ a ton of brass again...short #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 19 - Mater Warns McQueen - Pensive, methodic rhythm, quirky tension building piece, #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 20 - Going to the Back Up Plan - A march; snare, heavy brass, interchange btwn strings, banjo and back to march #cars2firstlisten

I'll interject here that I'm pretty disappointed by what I've heard thus far. #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 21 - Mater's the Bomb - Methodical start turns to 60s rhythm w/ low strings; more quick tempo brass exchanges, action cue #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 22 - Blunder and Lightning - Two note motif on brass; banjo; rhythm guitar; ...and back to the 60s central theme again. Bold ending #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 23 - The Other Shoot - Quick tempo variation and arrangement of main theme. Refreshing. #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 24 - Alexrod Exposed - Brass accents; vibraphone; methodical motif returns; think Twilight zone + Jaws, light, string ending #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 25 - The Radiator Springs Grand Prix - Triumphant piece w/ much brass, and that main theme again, turns to woodwinds, strings, nice close #cars2firstlisten

Cars 2 Track 26 - The Turbomater - Well, central theme yet again at even faster tempo. Par for the Cars 2 course. #cars2firstlisten

Done. Disappointed here. Short tracks. Poor mix. Repetitive, surprisingly flat. Nothing like Incredibles. #cars2firstlisten


Well, there you have it.  Despite measured expectations my initial reaction to the CARS 2 soundtrack was clear disappointment.  There's always hope that the film and the score within it will be a vastly better experience, but as of now, my motor just isn't revving very high for this.

Look for more coverage of CARS 2 in the coming weeks!

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