Sunday, May 15, 2011

Super (Soundtrack) by Tyler Bates - Review

Super (Soundtrack) by Tyler Bates - Review

Super or Duper?
Review by Richard Buxton

16 minutes. That’s all the score you’ll get if you decide to part with the cash required to purchase SUPER’S soundtrack. Of course, if TYLER BATES’ 16 minutes of original music were to revolutionize film scoring as we know it, this could potentially be forgiven. Instead, SUPER offers listeners the chance to hear what is surely one of the most incomprehensibly structured scores in recent memory.

SUPER will inevitably be subject to countless comparisons to the excellent KICK ASS, and critically it is certainly suffering in the shadow of the 2010 comic-book-action flick. A lack of originality is obviously not something that should be condemned instantly, otherwise very few modern films would see the light of day, but it does set up certain expectations that need to be met to avoid a legacy of failure. One trait that SUPER is entirely original in is the TYLER BATE’S score, and the “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”. The originality on display here is not heard in the music itself, but in how poorly the soundtrack is presented. The 35 minutes or so of licensed music, almost apologetically punctuated by the odd score track, makes for a painfully stilted listening experience, and ensures that SUPER will remain a bastion of the inexplicable in soundtrack history.

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