Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Am Number Four (Soundtrack) by Trevor Rabin - Review

I Am Number Four (Soundtrack) by Trevor Rabin - Review

Traversing a History of Trevor
Review by Richard Buxton

For those of you that are seeking a throwback to the action scoring style that Remote Control Productions made their own in the 90’s, I AM NUMBER FOUR may go some way to satiating your thirst. Whilst not reaching the heights of the sound, nor that of TREVOR RABIN’S scoring career, I AM NUMBER FOUR will certainly bring some long forgotten musical memories flooding back.

What might not be such a welcome memory is that of the film itself. Released to a decisively poor critical reception, I AM NUMBER FOUR was widely derided as a derivative and largely forgettable action adventure. This, unfortunately, is a criticism that can be attributed to RABIN’S score, although not to quite the same extent.

Attempting to truly appreciate RABIN’S score in its original in-film form is a somewhat fruitless experience, as his compositions often find themselves struggling to be heard within the various sequences of I AM NUMBER FOUR. Therefore it is hard to say whether hearing the music alongside the film will have created any sort of following. As a pure listening experience, I AM NUMBER FOUR is certainly not the most rewarding. The music, whilst consistently exciting, never quite lifts off, instead it takes what could be interpreted as a tour through TREVOR RABIN’S scoring back-catalogue.


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