Friday, June 03, 2011

Stake Land (Soundtrack) by Jeff Grace - Review

Stake Land (Soundtrack) by Jeff Grace - Review

I'm Gonna Get You, Bloodsucka!
Review by Richard Buxton

As Vampires continue their oft-derided assault on what was once an industry plagued by perpetual zombie infestation, it’s always gratifying when one of the countless attempts to cash-in on the resurgence of bloodsuckers actually turns out to be a worthwhile viewing experience. STAKE LAND is an example of these rarities. Helmed by promising director JIM MICKLE, STAKE LAND could be described as an undead take on the novel and 2009 film THE ROAD. Regardless of where writers MICKLE and DAMICI found their inspiration, STAKE LAND provides an often thrilling ride and an insight into the early years of a future big-name director.

Having worked under veteran composer HOWARD SHORE in the LORD OF THE RINGS films and several horror films, JEFF GRACE was chosen to tackle STAKE LAND and the its desolate landscape. STAKE LAND is one of those scores that, depending on how one hears it first, opinions will vary vastly. Heard within the confines of the film, GRACE’S score is an excellent supplement to Martin and Mister’s battle against the undead, crafting an overarching sense of despair that becomes multiplied when contrasted with the fleeting moments of hope. As a pure listening experience without previous viewing of the film, STAKE LAND suffers somewhat from never quite lifting off, despite often threatening to do so. The experience of hearing the music with the film is clearly pivotal here and will dictate how this score is received by most who grant themselves a listen.


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