Monday, June 06, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer, RETURN, offers new music

In a day inundated by game reveal after game reveal (thanks E3), I make here my only post of the day in that regard.  The new STAR WARS:  THE OLD REPUBLIC trailer, "RETURN,"  made its debut today and it's another goodie - despite the model change on Satele (the female Jedi Master).  Why anyone would change a character model based on the magnificently, enchanting, Kelly Hu is totally beyond me.

Anyway, RETURN is full of allusions to the Original Trilogy (Ever notice that they hardly make allusions to the Prequel Triology?).  It also has another well choreographed fight scene that continues to make me wonder..."Where were these guys when it came to the Prequel's fight scenes?...or even The Clone Wars?"  This is another epic Jedi Vs. Sith duel...which ups the ante regarding the dual-sabre in a way that literally made me say, "Oh no he did not!"

Beside all of that, I believe the introductory music is "new" in from the hands of Mark Griskey and company.  Of course the music itself is familiar John Williams thematic stuff (The Force theme), but a new adaptation.  Soon thereafter it moves into more familiar taken from, that's right, the Original Trilogy.  To be fair, there's a fair amount of Prequel music that comes in once the fight gets going.

This trailer has even more significance if you have seen the previous two or have read the book "Deception."  If you haven't, I highly recommend you do!

For now...enjoy and let's hope the actual game is playable sooner rather than later.

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