Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grammy Nominations for Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media

Grammy Nominations for Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media

For those of you who follow the Grammy's, below is a list of this year's nominees from the only category worth caring about.  I still don't get their qualification calendar, mixing releases from two different calendar years.  In fact, it irritates me so much that the Grammy's have become irrelevant to me....but that's me.

Of course, in that reality which exists outside of my own, a Grammy nom is nothing to scoff at, so with some sort of quantum-parallel-sincerity, I give BIG UPS to this years...last years...whatever years nominees!

Good luck to you all when the award show is held.  Is it this year?  Next?  Whenever.  Good Luck.

Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media

Black Swan
Clint Mansell, composer
[Sony Classical/Fox Music]

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
Alexandre Desplat, composer
[WaterTower Music]

The King's Speech
Alexandre Desplat, composer

The Shrine
Ryan Shore, composer

Tron Legacy
Daft Punk, composers
[Walt Disney Records]

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