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Puss in Boots (Soundtrack) by Henry Jackman - Review

Puss in Boots (Soundtrack) by Henry Jackman - Review

"Panache in Boots"
Review by Helen San

PUSS IN BOOTS is a prequel in the SHREK series that tells of the title character’s adventures and misadventures before meeting Shrek for the first time in SHREK 2. It is more than a children’s animated parody about stealing the Golden Goose from the Giant in the clouds with a girl cat and Humpty Dumpty; it is also a story of deception and betrayal, conscience and honor, friendship and sacrifice. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, Puss in Boots is a Spanish cat through and through. With Salma Hayek voicing the leading lady cat, Kitty Softpaws, it is clear PUSS IN BOOTS would have as strong a Spanish flavor as KUNG FU PANDA had a Chinese one.

When we think of Spanish music, we think of the classical guitar and the flamenco. To be sure, composer HENRY JACKMAN, included ample amounts of both. There are more than a few hints of JAMES HORNER’s MASK OF ZORRO in here, no doubt a parodied nod to Banderas’ portrayal of the rogue Spaniard who inspired Puss’ personality. (Puss even swooshes out a “P” with his sword, like the famous “Z” by Zorro.) A Bad Kitty (1), is probably the most notable homage to MASK OF ZORRO, with a similar flamenco opening.


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