Monday, January 30, 2012

The Darkest Hour (Soundtrack) by Tyler Bates - Reviewed

Time for the Dark Side
Review by Richard Buxton

It would seem that TYLER BATES can’t get a break. Be it his role of composer on many a critical failure such as SUCKER PUNCH or CONAN THE BARBARIAN, or his baffling decision to apparently lift entire tracks from other scores without permission, the long-time ZACK SNYDER companion is still making audiences wait for the moment he truly comes into his own as a composer. Those hoping THE DARKEST HOUR might provide such an opportunity are to be left disappointed once again however.

It would not be unfair to say that THE DARKEST HOUR and BATES were both doomed from the very beginning. Coming under heavy fire for its lifeless script and weak concept, THE DARKEST HOUR has made little-to-no impact on both audiences and has hardly lit up the box-office. A fundamental flaw in a film can come in many variations, and in this case it comes in the shape of a complete lack of attachment to both the protagonist’s and their struggle, and to the perplexingly impotent antagonists. As a result, THE DARKEST HOUR is both a story-telling and musical failure.


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