Saturday, January 07, 2012

Journey Trailer - A Musical Journey (Music by Austin Wintory)

Everytime we are afforded another appetizing glimpse at ThatGameCompany's next video game, we are treated to something truly special. I hesitate to even call it a "game" as "interactive art" seems to be a much better description.

Whatever you call it, JOURNEY, continues to amaze in this latest trailer and this time the focus is put on composer AUSTIN WINTORY's enveloping score. It's becoming ever clearer that the developers and composer have taken great pains to make this "interactive art" something truly remarkable...and they haven't minded making us wait for the final product to be as luscious and awe inspiring as possible.

Already the string work heard in this trailer has captured me...and it doesn't hurt that the visuals cause as much curiosity in me as they are satisfying. We then hear some of Tina Guo's lead cello work and, while brief, is as alluring as we'd expect from her.

As much as I loved ThatGameCompany's previous works: FLOWER and flOw (including their respective musical scores), I think JOURNEY is going to be something that goes beyond its predecessors...something very different...something that changes our expectations on what a "gaming" experience can be.

If the final iteration of JOURNEY lives up to the sights and sounds we have in this trailer (and I'm betting that it will), I think we are in for one special sojourn this year.

What do you think of JOURNEY and it's music so far?

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