Thursday, February 09, 2012

Evidence of an Iconic Score - Inception

Earlier today I came across an interesting use of Hans Zimmer's "Time" from the INCEPTION soundtrack. Even earlier this year, I stated that I thought Daft Punk's TRON: LEGACY and Zimmer's INCEPTION were two of the most iconic scores of the last decade. Of course, such a statement could be argued...and definitely was.

Having come across this SoundCloud track, I proceeded to share it with the twitterverse and beyond, reasserting the notion that this mash-up of Zimmer's "Time" with Charlie Chaplin's unforgettable and moving speech from THE GREAT DICTATOR, was conclusive evidence that INCEPTION has certainly become iconic - something that exists and is recognized far beyond it's original purpose and intent.

My original tweet:

I've now heard INCEPTION mashed-up w/ famous speeches, remixed, and made into a worship song. I re-assert that it is an iconic score.

My tweet was met with a good amount of agreement and also a lot of interest in seeing and hearing more of these mixes and mashups. So, what I've done here is to collect a few that demonstrates how "Time" and other segments of the INCEPTION score has gone on to be used and re-used in almost countless ways. The videos you'll find below are but a fraction of what's available on Youtube AND none of these feature Zack Hemsey's (now iconic in its own right) piece, "Mindheist," that was originally attached to the INCEPTION trailer.

You'll also note, at the bottom of this post, a couple of links to Youtube videos that would not allow embedding. I suggest you check out those as well.

It must be noted that Chaplin's speech was mashed up and mixed long before "Time" and so you should seek those out on Youtube as well. While the timing in the Zimmer/Chaplin mix could be a little better, I find it a very potent mix; moreso than those mixes which preceded it.

Lastly, I'll say that, of course, Zimmer's INCEPTION is not the only original score to be taken and mixed with other famous trailers or movie excerpts. You can find hundreds of them out there...some done even more effectively than those you'll find below. This post is purely to illustrate how Hans Zimmer's INCEPTION has most certainly become an iconic score.

Toy Story 3 - Finale (Time) 

Tron - Legacy (Time) 

So what do you think of all this? Is Inception an iconic score or not? Tell us in the comments!

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