Saturday, February 04, 2012

SoundCast Ep. 40 - 2012 Preview: Ears Will Drool!

SoundCast Ep. 40 - 2012 Preview: Ears Will Drool!

Erik Woods of joins the cast to peer into the future and discuss 2012’s upcoming film scores!  Erik gives a tip on how to enjoy Avatar even more and the crew talks about our first Google Hangout for soundtrack geniuses.

Episode Highlights

00:00 — The Way of the Future
00:50 — Welcome and Intro: Erik Wookds (
03:28 — WHYBLT? Taro Iwashiro, Metal Gear Solid, Michael Kamen
08:00 — WHYBLT? Avatar, On the Beach, Pavillion of Women, Lover's Prayer, Signs
15:25 — WHYBLT? The Promise, W.E.
17:33 — WHYBLT? Doctor Who 6, Kingdoms of Amalur, Star Wars: The Old Republic
13:01 — WHYBLT? Haywire, Back to Gaya, Man to Man
24:52 — Sidetrack: "Hanging out on Google Plus"
28:44 — 2012 Film Score Preview
66:37 — How will 2012 compare with 2011?
72:14 — Conclusion

Select Music

00:00 — "Main Title-Trinity Infinity" (The Matrix) by Don Davis
00:20 — "Ontological Shock" (The Matrix) by Don Davis
03:43 — "The Operation Called Unanswerableness" (Isoruku) by Taro Iwashiro
08:04 — "Jake's First Flight" (Avatar) by James Horner
12:27 — "Main Titles" (Signs) by James Newton Howard
16:00 — "Six Hours" (W.E.) by Abel Korzeniowski
17:38 — "Apollo 11" (Doctor Who - Series 6) by Murray Gold
18:21 — "Reckoning Main Theme" (Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning) by Grant Kirkhope
20:07 — "Clash Of Destiny" (Star Wars: The Old Republic) by Mark Griskey, et al
30:19 — "A Dark Knight" (The Dark Knight) by Hans Zimmer
36:46 — "Captain America Main Titles" (Captain America: The First Avenger) by Alan Silvestri
43:17 — "Sab Than Pursues The Princess" (John Carter) by Michael Giacchino
47:59 — "Cornered" (Salt) by James Newton Howard
49:12 — "Swallow Falls" (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) by Mark Mothersbaugh
51:38 — "Main Titles" (There Be Dragons) by Robert Folk
61:10 — "Saphira's First Flight" (Eragon) by Patrick Doyle
62:00 — "The Expendables" (The Expendables) by Brian Tyler
65:50 — "Opening" (Elizabeth: Golden Age) by Craig Armstrong, A.R. Rahman
74:36 — "Sab Than Pursues The Princess" (John Carter) by Michael Giacchino

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