Friday, February 10, 2012

SoundCast Interview: Zoe Keating

SoundCast Interview: Zoe Keating

Zoe Keating (dubbed the Avant Cellist) talks about her work composing film scores as well as performing on several of Mark Isham's most recent projects. She also talks about selling music, piracy, and the threat posed by legislation like SOPA and PIPA.

Episode Highlights

00:34 — Introduction: Zoe Keating
02:07 — How did you come to write for the film, Frozen Angels?
04:10 — Had you considered scoring a film prior to Frozen Angels?
04:44 — Your experience with film music
06:10 — Scoring The Devil's Chair
07:40 — Writing for dance and film
12:10 — "Music is something that happens in a moment of time..."
14:14 — Composers remorse and Art under constraints
18:54 — Working with Mark Isham
20:00 — Composing for documentaries versus feature film
24:10 — The independent artist, music biz, and SOPA

Select Music

00:00 — "The Last Bird" (The Ghost Bird) by Zoe Keating
10:40 — "Sun Will Set" (One Cello x 16- Natoma -) by Zoe Keating
18:03 — "A Genuine War Hero" (The Conspirator - Two Disc Limited Edition) by Mark Isham
20:27 — "The Last Bird" (The Ghost Bird) by Zoe Keating
21:37 — "Patterns" (Johannes Kepler [Play]) by Zoe Keating
36:15 — "Sun Will Set" (One Cello x 16- Natoma -) by Zoe Keating

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