Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Gold (Soundtrack) by James Horner - Review

Black Gold (Soundtrack) by James Horner - Review

Glittering Gold
Review by Richard Buxton

Consistency. If there’s one area in which JAMES HORNER is stronger than anyone else it’s surely consistency. Not in the overanalyzed use of his various signature themes and motifs, but in his ability to squeeze out every ounce of aching beauty from within a film’s story and sprinkle it over a group of world-class musicians. When given the chance, it’s abundantly clear that HORNER’S is unable to tame the romantic within him, providing sweeping scores of unrivalled splendor. His consistency is such that many a fan, such as this reviewer, waits with baited breath upon hearing of any new release, craving another dosage of that sweet consistency and not even contemplating the potential for disappointment.

It’s just as well then that his latest creation is the flavoring to one of cinema’s most evocative locales, the desert. BLACK GOLD, despite having a director and cast more than familiar to international audiences, has seen limited pay time across the globe and as a result comes the unfamiliar territory of a film score being more likely to be heard than the film is to be seen. An unfortunate and perhaps unforeseen outcome for the film is a fate rarely shared by a composer of JAMES HORNER’S standing and thankfully his wonderful score has traveled beyond the oceans of sand into the wide world.


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