Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seven Scores to Satisfy Your St. Paddy's Day

Seven Scores to Satisfy Your St. Paddy's Day

In marking the day, I decided to make a post featuring seven scores that might bring ya a bit of Irish-luck today. These fine scores were all composed for films that were principally set in or about Ireland. Now, you might find a few titles missing from the list here and that's most likely because you're confusing scores written for films which were set in Scotland and not Ireland. Don't worry lads and lasses, it happens all the time, but don't tell your Irish or Scottish friends you made such a mistake. And a word to ya before you go having a tizzy, because not every note of every score listed is 100% Irish in its instrumentation or composition. This ain't no Irish Folk Music list, my friend. So with that bit out of the way, I think you'll find some good music here to help ya pass ol St. Paddy's Day.

MICHAEL COLLINS by Elliot Goldenthal

Easter Rebellion by Elliot Goldenthal on Grooveshark

FAR AND AWAY by John Williams

End Credits by John Williams on Grooveshark

RYAN'S DAUGHTER by Maurice Jarre

Overture by Maurice Jarre on Grooveshark

ANGELA'S ASHES by John Williams

The Land Of Limerick by John Williams on Grooveshark

THE QUIET MAN by Victor Young

Finale & End Title by Dublin Screen Orchestra on Grooveshark

SECRET OF KELLS by Bruno Coulais

The Book Of Kells by Bruno Coulais on Grooveshark

DURANGO by Mark McKenzie

The Journey Begins by McKenzie, Mark on Grooveshark

So that about does it...or does it?  Perhaps you were assuming Randy Edelman's score for LEAP YEAR was going to be on the list since the opening image comes from that film.  While it's a decent rom-com score, it didn't quite make my top seven list and besides I'm thinking a picture including this fine lass is far bit better than a bunch of clovers, leprechauns, or old gents swiggin' down a pint or two.  Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, did I miss any good scores for Irish-based films?  Let me know in the comments.

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