Friday, August 10, 2012

Batman Begins Chase Scene Scored by...Danny Elfman?

Soundtrack-geninus and Soundcast listener @Matty_ODonoghue tweeted this little video at us in response to Episode #50, our The Dark Knight Rises episode.

We put it out there for someone to edit some of Danny Elfman's score up against some of Christopher Nolan's Batman work...and there it is.

In this chase scene from BATMAN BEGINS, originally scored by Hans Zimmer ('Molossus' on the Batman Begins soundtrack), we have the cue "Batman to the Rescue" by Elfman.  The editor, Youtube user, LukeLindmeyer states how oddly perfect the cue fits the cut of the film, but I think I detect some edits to the scene (correct me if I'm wrong there) that help this fit along.

If one has never heard the original score for this scene, I can see how it might be viewed as "fitting."  Those of you, like me, who have seen Batman Begins countless times and listened to the original score even more, the tone of Elfman's score certainly clashes with the vibe we know Nolan was going for.  And if that weren't enough, the bit of Hans Zimmer's score at the beginning of the video puts a brighter spotlight on the creative dissonance.

Tim Burton's Batman was a dark superhero movie and Danny Elfman's score fit it well.  Nolan's Batman is much more of a crime-action/drama that just happens to have some rather eccentric characters in it.  And Zimmer's score fits equally well.  As we indicated in the episode #50, the distinct personalities of the two franchise iterations just don't mesh...although I somehow think putting some of Zimmer's score up against one of Burton's films might work.

Anyone up to that challenge? 

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