Friday, September 21, 2012

Game of Thrones (Season 2) Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi - Review

Game of Thrones (Season 2) Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi - Review

A Static Kingdom
Review by Richard Buxton

The second season of any major television series brings with it a mixture of raised expectations and fervent anticipation. Yet it is not rare for a show to suffer from something of a second season syndrome. Given the almost universal praise for the show in its second offering, GAME OF THRONES is seemingly suffering from no such ailment.

Heightened expectations not only concern story development and drama, but also musical development. Television presents a composer with the unique opportunity to really delve into the universe of the show, to flesh out the characters that dwell within. As a result, the weight of expectation bears down upon RAMIN DJAWADI and his score for GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2 ...

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