Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Prometheus (Soundtrack) by Marc Streitenfeld - Gang-Tackle Review

Prometheus (Soundtrack) by Marc Streitenfeld  - Gang-Tackle Review

We Were So Wrong
Review by The Tracksounds Gang

As the world had become engrossed in a new, family-friendly, fantastic, galaxy not too close to here, Ridley Scott was preparing to unleash altogether different kind of sci-fi film upon us; one that was all too close, too real, and too scary. In 1979, ALIEN made us fear the front-rows of movie theatres again and helping to make the film something beyond just a piece of horror set in space was the great air of mystery that surrounded it all. Thirty plus years later, Sir Scott returns us to that universe with a film that was to finally shed some official light on those questions - PROMETHEUS.

While Jerry Goldsmith’s score was nominated for several awards, it had, at the director’s hands, morphed (or was manipulated) quite dramatically away from the composer’s original concept. Regardless, it’s effect on audiences remains as menacing as ever and is among Goldsmith’s most beloved works. The music for the Alien franchise continued to greatly evolve with each successive sequel, from JAMES HORNER to ELLIOT GOLDENTHAL to JOHN FRIZZELL. And now, this “para-prequel” finds itself in the hands of Scott’s most recent favorite composer-collaborator, MARC STREITENFELD.

The film and score was discussed at length in episode 49 of The Soundcast, but at the time of the launch of the home video release, the Tracksounds Gang returns to tackle the original score for PROMETHEUS.

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