Monday, October 22, 2012

Twenty Minutes of Mychael Danna's Score for Life of Pi

Recently, youtuber, Cinemamusica1, posted over twenty minutes of Mychael Danna's upcoming score for the highly anticipated film, LIFE OF PI.  We apparently get a sampling of the entire soundtrack which looks to have 28 tracks.  The original soundtrack isn't due to release from Sony Classical until November 19, 2012 in the United States.

It appears that Danna includes a number of ethnic instruments like the bansuri, instantly matching the mystical and quite beautiful tone that the film will also be creating visually.  We hear some wordless, female vocals, which further add to the exoticism.   There are one or two moments that give me hope that they might be building up to exultant moments like those found in his work for The Nativity Story.  The general tone of these samples does suggest that the score will likely stay more restrained than that though. The track "God Storm" does make it clear that Danna definitely delivers some dramatic, symphonic material for sure.

We have about a month to think about and anticipate it.

What do you think of you hearing here?  Does this make you look forward to hearing it in full or seeing the film any more?

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