Monday, June 03, 2013

The Biggest Vine Scoop of the Day: Hans Zimmer's Deluxe Man of Steel or Interstellar?

It's like Vine of Steel Versus Vinesterstellar

So our good friend, Alex Billington ( had a little shiny to show off on Vine.  Yes.  Pretty cool.  We have to admit that.  And we won't even mention his interview with HANS ZIMMER.  You'll see he got his hands on the deluxe edition of the MAN OF STEEL soundtrack, but just to make sure he, and the rest of the world knows, we at Tracksounds still "gots pull," we published our first official vine below, regarding one of Hans Zimmer's NEXT projects...INTERSTELLAR...

Like I said, "Pretty cool," but we've got the inside scoop on INTERSTELLAR.  Make sure you listen closely as you'll get some exclusive, early sound from Zimmer's earliest mock ups for his next Christopher Nolan score.  Please note that this isn't the final artwork...and could possibly change before the official release.

So you tell us.  Which is the bigger scoop? 

Oh and thanks for coming out on Android today, Vine.  You made all this possible.

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