Monday, July 15, 2013

Remember Me (Game Soundtrack) by Olivier Deriviere - Review

You Must Remember This
Richard Buxton

A prime example of a clash between concept and realization, REMEMBER ME is a game desperately struggling to construct a compelling story within which it can exhibit its fascinating premise and gameplay concepts constructs. Set in Neo-Paris, 2084, REMEMBER ME follows Nilin as she attempts to recover her past in a dystopian future in which memories are governed by the villainous Memorize corporation (should it be Corporation with a capital?). The core of the game’s story shows great promise, but is continuously undermined by weak voice acting and dialogue, clich├ęd plot twists, and lackluster gameplay. Other than the underused, but genuinely innovative, memory remixing sequences, OLIVIER DERIVIERE’S exceptional score is perhaps the only facet of the game that genuinely impresses.

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