Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Africa (Original Television Soundtrack) by Sarah Class - Review

Africa (Original Television Soundtrack) by Sarah Class - Review

by Edmund Meinerts

If there’s any category of media about which it could be said that they practically guarantee outstanding musical accompaniment, then it would be the nature documentary – especially those saddled with the esteemed name of David Attenborough. For film music fans, the other name that will immediately come to mind is that of GEORGE FENTON, who has produced a wealth of excellent music for such titles as DEEP BLUE and PLANET EARTH. The composer for 2013’s AFRICA, however, is SARAH CLASS, herself no stranger to Attenborough productions, and though her music doesn’t quite achieve the same sweeping memorability as FENTON’S, it is still a highly varied, impressive and very listenable album.

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