Sunday, August 11, 2013

John Debney Creates the Score for "Jobs"

ET gives us a peek at John Debney's thought process behind his original score to the upcoming bio-pic "Jobs," which will give audiences another peek at the life of the Apple creative-visionary, Steve Jobs. 

"My job was to try to get the essence of this guy, and then try to crystallize that into the different musical iterations of what his life was," says prolific composer John Debney, whose other scores include Sin City, Iron Man 2 and Elf. "Every era of Steve's life, musically, becomes represented in the score."

From clips we can hear in the piece, we are definitely going on a musical tour spanning several decades, which should prove intriguing if Debney takes specific motifs and transforms them as per the conventions of a given decade.  It also sounds as though Debney's main them for Steve Jobs certainly has a melancholic, Thomas Newman vibe with its simple, piano textures.

So what do you think of what we are hearing here?  Are you excited for this film and Debney's score?

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