Friday, August 09, 2013

Music from the Films of Ridley Scott (Compilation) - Review

Music from the Films of Ridley Scott (Compilation) - Review

Not So Great Scott
Review by William Bard

Composer compilation albums are always fun, but it is director-compilation-albums such as MUSIC FROM THE FILMS OF RIDLEY SCOTT, from BSX Records, that really stand out to me. (It also helps when the director in question works with more than one composer throughout his career.)  In general, these type of compilations offer styles of music so varied that the only common factor is the director’s vision of storytelling. From gorgeous solo oboe lines in “Main Title” (1 – THE DUELLISTS) to sexy, ethereal jazz saxophone in “Love Theme” (3 – Blade Runner), this new, Ridley Scott album is about as varied as one could find.

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