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SoundCast Episode 63 - Pacific Rim

SoundCast Episode 63 - Pacific Rim

Episode 63 - Pacific Rim
Kristen Romanelli joins Christopher, Marius, and Helen to talk about Guillermo del Toro's latest film PACIFIC RIM and composer Ramin Djawadi's energetic score.  Each shares what they've been listening to lately and we dive into some listerner feedback from iTunes.

Episode Highlights

00:27 - Intro and Welcome...back
03:30 - Listener Feedback from iTunes
06:21 - Reach out and TuneIn
08:02 - WHYBLT? Turbo, Green Lantern Vol. 2, Skyrim, The Fountain
13:13 - WHYBLT? Lone Ranger, World War Z, Mama
17:23 - WHYBLT? The Wolverine, White House Down
20:51 - Pacific Rim: Movie Talk (spoilers)
27:00 - Pacific Rim: What We Liked (spoilers)
40:24 - Pacific Rim: What We Didn't Like (spoilers)
55:16 - Pacific Rim: How Score Worked in Film
61:54 - Pacific Rim: How Score Works on CD and Ranking
68:51 - Pay Money and Brand Awareness

Music Selections

00:00 - "Pacific Rim" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
08:33 - "Supersnail" (Turbo) by Henry Jackman
09:08 - "Igniting Ceremony" (Green Lantern/Animated Vol 2) by Fredrick Wiedmann
11:37 - "Dragonborn" (Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim) by Jeremy Soule
13:20 - "Absurdity" (The Lone Ranger) by Hans Zimmer
14:27 - "Philadelphia" (World War Z) by Marco Beltrami
17:32 - "A Walk in the Woods" (The Wolverine) by Marco Beltrami
18:42 - "Birdfeeder" (White House Down) by Thomas Wander & Harald Kloser
20:20 - "We Are The Resistence" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
54:43 - "For My Family" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
56:28 - "2500 Tons of Awesome" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
65:25 - "Driving with the Top Down" (Iron Man) by Ramin Djawadi
71:36 - "Pacific Rim" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi

Other notes:

Kristen Romanelli

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