Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Iceman (Soundtrack) by Haim Mazar - Review

The Iceman (Soundtrack) by Haim Mazar - Review

The Iceman Ho-Hummeth
Review by Steven Sharratt

Based on actual events from 1964 through to 1986 in New Jersey, THE ICEMAN follows the life story of notorious Mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski (played by Michael Shannon). The film focuses on how Kuklinski tries to balance the life as a loving husband and a devoted father whilst keeping his profession as a mobster a secret from his family. As the story progresses we watch how the consequences of his actions finally catch up with him. 

Scoring duties for the picture fell to a new face in Hollywood, Israeli composer HAIM MAZAR. Born in the US but raised in Israel, THE ICEMAN is Mazar’s first major assignment in film composition. That isn’t to say he hasn’t had any experience; he was classically trained from the age of 5 and has worked extensively with John Frizzell with whom he co-produced and orchestrated the sci-fi horror film lLEGION (2010). He has also worked as an orchestrator, music programmer and pianist on several other projects.

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