Monday, September 02, 2013

Continuum (Season 1 Soundtrack) by Jeff Danna - Review

Continuum (Season 1 Soundtrack) by Jeff Danna - Review

Review by Richard Buxton

Time travel is a theme that has been covered by many large-scale television dramas in recent times. The likes of LOST, HEROES, and TERRA NOVA have all flirted with the plot-hole minefield that is time travel, but rarely are shows as deeply invested in the consequences of time travel as CONTINUUM. The sci-fi drama, recently renewed for third season, follows the struggles of law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron as she is unwittingly dragged backwards in time to the year 2012 by the fleeing “freedom fighter” group Liber8. Composer JEFF DANNA scores Kiera’s attempts to thwart Liber8 whilst simultaneously trying not to alter the future she strives to return to.)

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