Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Star Trek: Music from the Video Games (Soundtrack) Produced by Dominik Hauser

Star Trek: Music from the Video Games (Soundtrack) Produced by Dominik Hauser

Games: The Final Frontier
Review by Edmund Meinerts

When the music of STAR TREK is discussed, generally speaking, chances are that the film scores are the subject of that discussion – either that or ALEXANDER COURAGE’s legendary theme for the Original Series. Occasionally the music for the TV episodes proper gets a mention too, though usually only by the truly hardcore fanatics, those who shell out on those lavish Film Score Monthly box sets. Even less discussed are the scores to the series’ innumerable video game adaptations and spinoffs, which date back as early as 1971. Now, obviously, a text-based game from the 70s wasn’t exactly equipped with such modern features as a score, but as early as the mid-90s, composers were being hired to provide proper orchestral (in composition, not necessarily rendering) scores for STAR TREK games, often composers with considerable experience in the universe such as RON JONES and DENNIS MCCARTHY. Thanks to this release from BSX, some of this obscure music has now finally seen the light of day.

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