Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Return of the Audio Soundtrack Reviews? Maybe.

Return of the Audio Soundtrack Reviews?  Maybe.

You might have noticed that my latest review for PACIFIC RIM includes an audio edition. (Ok...maybe you hadn't, but there it is above.)  You might also remember this being a more common feature on our reviews about a year or so ago as well.

And then...they disappeared.  But why?

A couple of reasons.  First, while I have loved SoundCloud since the first time I laid eyes on it, and while we were graciously accepted into their beta-podcast program, that beta-period closed and we just had more content than the free plan allows.  So in order to not add any additional costs to running the site, I elected to just not add any more audio reviews.  Second, the fine folks at SoundCloud asked that we night include any music clips in our episodes (something I very much wanted to do...and got quite a few requests for).  Still, I wanted to abide by their rules and so did not include any material that could cause a problem.  Oddly enough, it wasn't too long after that I noticed, not just clips, but full tracks, not owned by the individual who posted it, being added all over the site.   Later, I found plenty of podcasts with music clips in them, too.  That was a bit frustrating and my inquiries to SoundCloud went unanswered.

So as great as SoundCloud is, I was left with little choice than to find another solution.  Still, as you can see, some of our past audio reviews got a few ears on them.  Moving from the SoundCloud platform was far from ideal, but sometimes one never knows what other great services are out there until you are forced to look.

All my wanderings and journeys finally landed me at Mixcloud ... and I could hardly believe it was true. Since their platform was created for the specific purpose of music line-ups and mixes, this suited the requirements of our audio-reviews perfectly. We've been using them for a while now, as an additional outlet for our SoundCast episodes and have been quite happy with the service.

So now, I've published the first of what could be many audio-reviews.  As we have always tried to do at Tracksounds, we want to provide soundtrack-geniuses around the world, as many easy ways to ingest soundtrack-centric content as possible.  I believe the audio format to be he most convenient, flexible, and in our subject matter's case, the most relevant means of doing so.  It seems only natural to be able to listen to the music being referred to in a review. No?

As great of an idea as I think it might be, you, the soundtrack-genius community, have a huge-say.  If you find these audio-reviews valuable, here's what I'd like for you to do.  Simply head over to our Kickstarter page and ... I kid.  I kid.

No Kickstarter here, just let us know you're listening by:

1) Actually listen to the review. (As you can see there is a "listens" counter next to the headphone icon.

2) Hit the little like/favorite/heart button on the player.

If we can get at least 100 listens and/or likes/faves by this coming Sunday (10/20), then we'll take that as a "Yes." from the you.

To be clear, you're not listening/liking/faving because of the content of the review.  You're "voting" on continuing the reviews in this format..

How easy is that?

Pretty painless, but very, very valuable to us. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to listen and click and maybe even sharing.  Of course, if you'd like to say a little sum'n-sum'n about all of this audio review business, please use our handy comment section below...or dare I mention our Speakpipe, voice-mail widget?

We greatly appreciate your feedback!


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