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Soundcast Episode 68 - Gravity

Soundcast Episode 68 - Gravity

Episode 68 - "Gravity" 

Kristen Romanelli (FSM) rejoins the Tracksounds team to talk about Alfonso Cuaron's weighty, masterpiece, GRAVITY, including composer Steven Price's compelling original score.  WHYBLT? is back with mentions of Doctor Who: Series 7, Lost Planet 3, and Beyond: Two Souls.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - Gravity's Silhouette Remains
00:31 - Welcome and the lost recording
02:20 - Reintroducing Kristen Romanelli
03:00 - WHYBLT?: Man of Steel, Hocus Pocus, Lost Planet 3
13:59 - WHYBLT?: Doctor Who (Series 7), Summer in February, Beyond: Two Souls
24:43 - Gravity: General Reaction
35:05 - How we watched Gravity: 3D, Atmos?
39:21 - Is Gravity truly "sci fi?"
51:17 - Gravity: Spoiler time
63:55 - The score as heard in film
86:50 - The score as a stand-alone listen
98:40 - Is the Gravity score a sure-thing come Oscar noms?

Music Selections

00:00 - "Gravity" (Continuum) by John Mayer
01:47 - "Gravity" (Gravity) by Steven Price
03:24 - "Oil Rig" (Man of Steel) by Hans Zimmer
05:53 - "Main Titleu" (Hocus Pocus) by John Debney
07:22 - "Garden of Magic" (Hocus Pocus) by James Horner
09:44 - "Hoedown Showdown" (Lost Planet 3) by Jack Wall
14:07 - "The Speeder" (Doctor Who: Series 7) by Murray Gold
16:33 - "Lamona" (Summer in February) by Benjamin Wallfisch
18:56 - "Dawkin's Suite" (Beyond: Two Souls) by Lorne Balfe
24:12 - "Above Earth" (Gravity) by Steven Price
62:40 - "Tiangong" (Gravity) by Steven Price
67:40 - "Debris" (Gravity) by Steven Price
75:26 - "Gravity" (Gravity) by Steven Price
79:33 - "Above Earth" (Gravity) by Steven Price
94:49 - "Above Earth" (Gravity) by Steven Price
97:26 - "Debris" (Gravity) by Steven Price
102:29 - "Gravity" (Gravity) by Steven Price

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