Friday, October 11, 2013

The Ultimate Life (Soundtrack) by Mark McKenzie - Review

The Ultimate Life (Soundtrack) by Mark McKenzie - Review

Beyond Doubt
by Richard Buxton

Regardless of your stance on humanity’s origins as a race, and the existence of beings greater than our own, there can be no doubt that themes of religion and faith in film frequently result in music of outstanding beauty. Composer MARK MCKENZIE has hardly been the most prolific in recent years, but he is no stranger to matters of faith illustrated on screen. THE ULTIMATE LIFE, a sequel to 2006’s THE ULTIMATE GIFT, comes two years after MCKENZIE’S critically acclaimed score to THE GREATEST MIRACLE, and while THE ULTIMATE LIFE itself has suffered critical damage in the media, MCKENZIE has once again crafted an often spellbinding score that is underpinned by sumptuous themes.

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